One of the most recommended landscapes in Costa Rica for watching birds, such as the Trogon, a great amount of humming birds, over 160 species of birds, including the famous and stunning Quetzal.

The Quetzal:

We believe they are not an endangered species. However, we don’t know their population numbers with certainty or whether there are more males than females.

The best season to watch these birds goes from January to April. It is when the aguacatillo bears fruit, one of their favorite fruit. However, we have a campaign within the community to plant tree species that bear fruit at different times of the year so that tourists can appreciate them at all times.

This bird (the Quetzals) have altitudinal migrations and their time of mating and nesting is in February, March, or April, the male features two long feathers on its tale, he also helps the female to hatch the eggs, this species make partners for life.

One of their biggest predators are the high lands toucan, which feeds on the same fruit and shoo them away, they also eat their eggs seizing the opportunity anytime the Quetzal is off-guard.