Cerro Walk Tour

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It starts in Cerro de la Muerte at 3491 m.a.s.l. {10500 ft} and ends in the San Gerardo Valley at 2200 m.a.s.l. {6600 ft}, this altitudinal decent will allow you to see four different types of forest throughout the trail that reaches the 12 kilometers {8 miles}, the approximate duration of this tour is 6 hours and includes watching plants, birds, fungi, and beautiful vistas, starting in the paramo where, after 30 minutes into the walk, it is simply fascinating to watch the natural line dividing this forest from the second stage, the pre-mountain forest, which features small trees and several edible plants.

The walk goes on into a charming forest, the oak forest, awe-inspiring heights and moss-covered branches infuse with life countless plants; this place will make you feel part of it, will fill you with peace and at the same time, it will invite you to listen to the silence you will find there.

After experiencing these sensations, the walk will continue through the exuberant cloud forest to the end of the tour in the San Gerardo Valley.