Agritourism San Gerardo de Dota

Chacon Monge Family Estate in San Gerardo de Dota, Costa Rica. Promoters for product diversification and restoration of Costa Rica’s rural cultural identity.

If you wish to:

  • Know about the history and importance of agriculture for the Latin American people.
  • Interact with the farming in the area and the work done on the field.
  • Live the experience of participating in rural work.
  • Appreciate the rural lifestyle and traditions.
  • Taste traditional foods.

This is your chance to know about farming, its connections and importance. It interacts with the agriculture and livestock world; in the production of peach, local apple, plum, sweet granadilla, malabar gourd, avocado, mountain papaya, tree tomato, naranjilla, fig, trout, and dairy cow. It is an activity that links sustainable tourism to rural tourism.

Visitors will have the experience of getting to know how our town was over 35 years ago, as well as having the chance to directly interact with the rural setting, Costa Rican traditions, traditional food production, ecological agriculture practices, among many other experiences such as fruit harvest, tree planting, pruning, tree grafting, animal feeding, local food tasting, rural work, and more.

Our main goal is linking agritourism with cultural tourism, ecotourism, educational tourism, and gastronomical tourism.

Please schedule your visit.